Electrodiagnostic Study (EMG/NCS)

The EMG / Nerve Conduction Study is a useful test to study the nerves in the arms and legs. The test will determine whether or not you have a pinched nerve in the back, neck, or extremities. This is a very useful test if your doctor wants to confirm that you have a carpal tunnel syndrome, a peripheral neuropathy, or other nerve entrapment syndromes. The EMG/Nerve Conduction study is a minimally-invasive test and should not cause you any significant discomfort.

The EMG / NCS can provide the following information:

  • Presence of a nerve injury
  • Age of the nerve injury (acute vs. chronic process)
  • Area of the nerve injury (proximal vs. distal)
  • Severity of the nerve injury
  • Whether the nerve is healing

This test is often correlated with MRIs and physical exam to evaluate whether a condition may require surgery.